Hybrid solutions accelerate payroll accounting - FP IAB and d.velop AG agree on a partnership in output management

As an expert in input and output management, FP IAB Communications GmbH is delighted to be working with the Münsterland-based software company d.velop AG on the delivery of pay slips.

Berlin, June 29th, 2020 - Michael Steinberg, CEO of FP IAB Communications GmbH (FP IAB), and Alexander Zirl, Chief Entrepreneurship Officer of d.velop AG, gave the go-ahead for the new collaboration in spring 2020.

As a purely digital service provider, d.velop AG has brought FP IAB on board as its hybrid service provider for the operation of analogue communication. As part of this cooperation, FP IAB will take over the physical generation and postal delivery of pay slips for the selected customers of d.velop AG whose documents are not or only partially delivered digitally. "It is precisely our hybrid approach that allows each customer to choose according to their individual needs. This is the core of the offer and at the heart of our partnership," Michael Steinberg emphasises.

Security and flexibility as convincing arguments

With its ISO/IEC 27001 certification, FP IAB is able to meet the highest standards of data security, which is one of the most important decision criteria for many customers and partners: The international standard describes all requirements for the production, introduction, operation, monitoring, maintenance and improvement of a documentation-based information security management system. FP IAB is one of the few print service providers to hold ISO/IEC 27001 certification for both incoming and outgoing mail processing.

"As a specialist for consolidated information management, FP IAB also impressed us with its flexibility in the production and dispatching of documents, as well as its same-day processing of all enveloping and dispatch orders," explains Alexander Zirl, Chief Entrepreneurship Officer of d.velop AG.

Hand in hand into the digital future

The physical delivery of documents will continue to be an important part of a successful communication strategy for many organisations, alongside electronic transmission, as they press ahead with digital communication.

FP IAB supplies the necessary IT solutions for each digitalisation strategy and automates or implements the upstream and downstream workflow. This enables FP IAB to guarantee considerable facilitation and attractive cost savings.

At the same time, FP IAB GmbH is expanding its portfolio with the exciting digital offers from d.velop AG. For example, with its established ECM (Enterprise Content Management) platform, our new partner offers comprehensive services for digital archiving and workflow integration, which are now also available to FP IAB GmbH customers.

In the future, even large archiving projects will find their place in a common central electronic archive - from technical drawings to receipts, documents will be stored digitally, in an auditable and legally compliant manner.

"This is only the beginning of a comprehensive collaboration," Michael Steinberg and Alexander Zirl agree. "Every day we discover new opportunities for cooperation, with which we can facilitate the digital transformation for our customers together."

Company contact:

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Further information can be found under www.iab-communications.de

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Press contact for d.velop AG:

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Telephone: +49 2542 9307-0

Email: stefan.olschewski@d-velop.de


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