Secured data in the Internet of Things (IoT): Francotyp-Postalia encrypts and transmits Industry 4.0 data traffic


Berlin, 11.05.2018 – With the IoT Secure Edge Gateway from Francotyp-Postalia (FP), the experts for secure mailing business and secure digital communications, sensitive data get the protection they deserve before they are transmitted: With its hardware-based security mechanisms, this solution for the secure encryption and transmission of data fulfils the requirements for certification under the American standard FIPS140-2 Level 3. Solutions of this kind are becoming increasingly important in the age of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Unsecured or poorly secured IP cameras, routers, sensors and other devices are increasingly being taken over by hackers and used as back doors into networks, or as tools for attacks on servers, and often also to unobtrusively obtain passwords and steal data, or to corrupt the data being transmitted. The impact on the profits, reputation and brand image of a company can be disastrous.

“But we don’t even have any consumer products...”

... is the wrong reaction, as Uwe Hübler, Divisional Head of Hardware Development at FP InovoLabs, will explain in his lecture on 24 May at the CIIT Colloquium for Industrial IT run by SIBB e.V., the Association of IT and Internet Businesses in Berlin and Brandenburg. “In terms of security, almost the entire IoT world still falls well short of the standard of active security measures typically used for company IT,” states Hübler. This is because hard-coded passwords, fixed standard passwords, a lack of update mechanisms, unsecured sensor identities, and unencrypted data transfer are also common practice in industrial IoT devices.

Security is created through strong encryption with secure, externally inaccessible passwords and encryption algorithms. The IoT Secure Edge Gateway guarantees security, for example when networked sensors transfer data to the company’s cloud, or where financial transactions are handled through other devices with IoT connections. A real-time processor encrypts the data, and the device offers extensive protection against penetration from outside, whether digital or physical.

Hackers cannot even succeed through raw violence

Even if burglars were able to take physical possession of your device and open the casing, the FP IoT Secure Edge Gateway would automatically delete the saved keys. This is the function that fulfils the device requirements for Level 3 of the FIPS140-2 certification, thus setting it apart from weaker solutions.

This allows companies to be certain that the transmitted sensor data actually come from their own devices, and that the data arriving at the receiver unit are unmanipulated, consistent and complete.

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